We have received many requests from college professors and high school teachers who would like for their students to see the film as part of courses in various disciplines:

* sociology, social anthropology, ethnography
* international migration studies
* film theory, documentary filmmaking
* psychology, cognitive linguistics
* Latin American studies
* Portuguese language and Brazilian culture
* Japanese language and culture

If you would like to show the film to your class and give your students access to watch it online, you may purchase an academic subscription, which includes access to the film as well as two additional migrant stories and four brief educational videos about Brazil-Japan migration.¬† The subscription also includes the opportunity for your students to have a Q&A and discussion with the film’s producer and co-director (in person or via Skype, depending on location).

The subscription, which is valid for a period of one year, costs $175 per school.
To purchase an academic subscription to One Day We Arrived in Japan, click HERE